What is gaathastory?

This domain, gaatha.co, used to be the “old’ home of Baalgatha Podcast. In Mid-2017, we decided to move Baalgatha to its own home, and the domain was free’d up. Till recently, that is, till July 2019, we used this domain for shortlinks on bitl.ly.

We still use bit.ly, but now under its new avatar, i.gaatha.co. The reason for doing so was twofold:

a. We wanted to re-use the domain- after all, a ‘.co’ domain is expensive: certainly more expensive than the .com, .in or .xyz extensions we use. It did not make sense to leave it’s power and utility untapped.

b. gaatha.co was getting pointed to a page on bit.ly. In other words, while we what love the folks over at bit.ly are doing, we were also giving them some free traffic. I am sure they did not mind it, but over a period of time, we felt we needed that traffic for ourselves since we are much, much smaller.. and small sites need traffic nutrition.

So here we are, with some plans, some aspirations and some content strategy around this website. Hope that you will visit us often to see how things shape up here!

-Amar and Minu

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